Talent Acquisition Consulting

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How unique and special is your business? Are you far ahead of your competitors? When did you realize, that the copy & paste approach doesn’t work for your talent acquisition? Isn’t it true that most of our job experience is related to the processes, products and services of our current and previous employers? When recruiters ask for experience for a specific job role, isn’t it just the knowledge of processes implemented by companies which even might have become a habit without much room for improvement? How do you know that these procedural habits of other businesses or even your competitors is the best and most efficient way to achieve your goals? How easy is it for you to get rid of some of your old habits you’ve acquired and even solidified throughout the years? How much of an automatic and fixed way of thinking can your business take in a fast paced market in the 21st century?

Experience gets us as far as the present. The future is being build on visions by skills as the experience has not even been discovered yet.

Your goals determine the required skills of your talents and our talent acquisition consultants support you identifying those to gather your most successful talent pool.

  • Identify the required skills for successful goal achievement

    • Identify best matching Methaprograms
    • Define required job-scope skill-set
  • Talent Profiling

    • Interview coaching
    • Moderation of interview
    • Talent profiling based on interview
    • Recommendation