Yes, we are not talking about LinkedIn, facebook, twitter and co.

Imagine you’re sitting at your laptop trying to get the word “Hello” onto your screen. You might feel it a bit difficult just using the mouse to get the input done properly. Sure, with a bit of a workaround you might even get to your desired result and there might be better channels to use.

I like the idea of comparing our complex human brains with one of those high-tech computer systems. Like these machines, we also have in- and output devices or interfaces. Let’s name those quickly which are our ears, eyes, nose, mouth and our skin. Having said that, our communications channels are visual, auditory, kinesthetic, olfactory and gustatory. By standard we use all the channels at the same time even though we have our preferred channel. Just think of watching a movie in the cinemas with your loved one. Besides the images on the screen, the Dolby Digital sound, the smell and taste of popcorn or other stuff to munch, we also like the warm hand on our arm while sitting in an over-air-conditioned cinema.

I was joining my client having his sales pitch to one of his potential customers. He was just moving on to ROI and the advantages of his product compared to the competition. Numbers where flying around and the gush of information didn’t seem to stop. My client kept going and didn’t see the “lost in space”-expression on his prospect’s face until he got the hint when his client leaned back in his chair and seemed to be miles away. Back to square one. The next attempt was different and it seemed that the way of explaining the facts haven’t involved too many abbreviations and technical terms even though the expression on his client’s face and posture didn’t change.

That day my client drew is most valued sketches ever. It was amazing seeing an expression on somebody’s face changing from “lost in space” to pure excitement in seconds. No need to say that the deal was closed within the week.

Once you realize that your communication strategy is not working as expected it is good to do it differently. And sometimes doing something different, still or more than ever gets you to your desired outcome.

“Lost in space” faces give you very nice and easy to read feedback to change the channel rather than rephrasing the content. Besides that; how often made you information and content feel good about something?