Motivation or – The pee-effect strategy

might have come across one of the common questions in interviews, team- or management meetings. Some questions like “What motivated you to apply for this position?”, “What motivates you most?” or “How can we increase motivation?”. I like the idea that human resource and management start to pay a little more attention to the factor […]

Do you know which channel to use, communicating with your client?

communication channel

, we are not talking about LinkedIn, facebook, twitter and co. Imagine you’re sitting at your laptop trying to get the word “Hello” onto your screen. You might feel it a bit difficult just using the mouse to get the input done properly. Sure, with a bit of a workaround you might even get to […]

Your “BUT” is as good as a slap into your client’s face


sales, we all know how much importance our communication skills carry in the field. Plenty of sales and communication trainings helped to improve those and most of the syllabi have one thing in common; the focus on process and content. Remember the last awesome and exciting date you had. Can you still remember what you […]