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Motivation or – the pee-effect strategy

You might have come across one of the common questions in interviews, team- or management meetings. Some questions like “What motivated you to apply for this position?”, “What motivates you most?” or “How can we increase motivation?”.

I like the idea that human resource and management start to pay a little more attention to the factor of motivation. What would the benefit of a highly skilled and well experienced candidate which is lacking motivation and most probably dragging feet to work?

I haven’t come across any convincing answer which would be applicable to this question though. Maybe money? – What if the candidate might become greedy and too expensive for the business at one point? Maybe the chance to see some real development for the candidate’s career? – What if the candidate becomes a real threat to the direct manager? Who wants to hire the candidate which is going to take over your position and sends you back to the job market? Sure, it would be beneficial if your employees have fun doing their jobs. So, having fun could be one motivator besides good salary, responsibility and the possibility to develop skills and progress in career.

Let’s take a half step back and look at the motivators we’ve just identified. We realize, that those are mostly influencers from outside. We could even compare that with a kind of engine. Give some gas, oil, oxygen, water as coolant and current for the sparkplugs which would give us enough motivation for the engine to run. That seems quite logic and pretty much straight forward. So, all we need, is to identify our motivators and make sure those are available – better more than less – and our productivity will rise to its peak.

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communication channel

Do you know which channel to use, communicating with your client?

Yes, we are not talking about LinkedIn, facebook, twitter and co.

Imagine you’re sitting at your laptop trying to get the word “Hello” onto your screen. You might feel it a bit difficult just using the mouse to get the input done properly. Sure, with a bit of a workaround you might even get to your desired result and there might be better channels to use.

I like the idea of comparing our complex human brains with one of those high-tech computer systems. Like these machines, we also have in- and output devices or interfaces. Let’s name those quickly which are our ears, eyes, nose, mouth and our skin. Having said that, our communications channels are visual, auditory, kinesthetic, olfactory and gustatory. By standard we use all the channels at the same time even though we have our preferred channel. Just think of watching a movie in the cinemas with your loved one. Besides the images on the screen, the Dolby Digital sound, the smell and taste of popcorn or other stuff to munch, we also like the warm hand on our arm while sitting in an over-air-conditioned cinema.

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Your “BUT” is as good as a slap into your client’s face

Insales, we all know how much importance our communication skills carry in the field. Plenty of sales and communication trainings helped to improve those and most of the syllabi have one thing in common; the focus on process and content.

Remember the last awesome and exciting date you had. Can you still remember what you were talking about or was it the way of communication and emotional connection you felt; which made the big difference?

Let’s get one step back and assume that sales is a kind of flirting and it is more important of how you say it rather than what you say. This is the point where our short and powerful word “but” gets into the game. Remember the last time you made your point supported with proven facts and in return the word “BUT” was thrown into your face? Depending on the circumstance you might even see the hand or fist reaching your face. How did you feel about it?

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